Tips With Solving Universal Crosswords

Need help with solving universal puzzle? don’t worry just keep reading our top guide article below.

If you are a crossword lover, then this is just the article that you have been looking for. You have picked up a great hobby and interest by solving puzzles. You don’t have to be an expert in doing this right from the very first day. Our advise is pick up a pencil and get going. We will help you with some useful tips that will enhance and enrich your crossword solving experience.

Tip #1: Use a Pencil

When you work with a pencil you automatically give yourself the liberty to make mistakes. These mistakes will be your stepping stones and make you the best puzzle solver.

Clues Examples:

  1. Source of the “package” that traverses the grid via the starred answers
  2. Very little right to be said about sisters
  3. Very stable means of exchange
  4. Regretting damage to Georgian front

Tip #2 : Stick to One Type

When you begin solving puzzles, ensure that you are doing so in the same column of the newspaper or magazine so that you are familiar with the type and techniques. Gradually you can move on to more complex and bigger puzzles.

Tip #3 : Look for clues

The theme of the puzzle has the biggest clue hidden inside. Think about the theme and the things related to it. You can also look for online answers or visit crossword sites and read up interesting English words that are often used in such puzzles. In many crossword websites, there are reveal options that give you hints when you are stuck up. Depending on the difficulty level you choose to play, they are displayed. In expert mode, all the hints are turned off.

Tip #4 : Navigate Systematically

Begin moving around the puzzle by filling in the blanks. These are the easiest ones to crack and they also give you a good head start in solving the puzzle. Next go to the small three to five letter words. There are not too many of short words that are commonly used so gradually you will get a fair idea of the words crossword constructors use. Once these are done then you go to the big blanks and read about the theme and clues to crack them.

Tip #5 : Look for minor details

The questions related to trivia are relatively simple and their answers can be found from other sources and links too. If abbreviations or acronyms are to be used then it will be mentioned in the clue. If the answer is in a foreign language, then it will be mentioned somewhere in the clue. These are the minor details that you need to look for.

Tip #6 : Use Your Resources

A little help here and there when solving the puzzle is perfectly fine. The resources that you can tap are the internet, a quality dictionary, thesaurus, universal atlas, quotation diary and almanac. Any of these may come of use so have them handy.

Use all these tips and we are sure that the puzzles you solve will be a success. Never stress if you are stuck somewhere. It may feel bad if you are unable to crack a particular clue. Take a walk, think about it and come back to it again after some time and you are sure to get it. Wish you all the best!

Solution for Universal URL:

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Research Proves Medical Marijuana As Top Medications For Several Diseases

dutch skunk seedsMedical marijuana is one of the best medications that have recently been researched on. Though this medication was available for many years, adequate research was not done with this medicine for many years, due to government regulations. In the last few years, the medical use of medical marijuana has been increasing and along with the increased use, there has also been a surge in the amount of research being done on the anti-spasmodic properties of this medicine. Research is also being done on the effect of medical marijuana on several chronic diseases. Here is a list of 10 deadly and chronic diseases where this medicine is very useful.

  1. HIV /AIDS: Research on a group of 50 subjects has shown that those who used this medication have been able to sleep well after taking a small dose of this medicine. It has also helped in the treatment of neuropathic pain caused by this disease.
  2. Alzheimer’s disease: This is a serious disease causing problems in many thousands of patients worldwide. Medical marijuana has been helpful in removing depression and other signs of this disease.
  3. Arthritis: Arthritis is a chronic disease where the pain and inflammation caused by the disease can be treated with medical cannabis.
  4. Cancer: Cancer causes serious side effects to our health. It can also be fatal on many occasions. Such a deadly disease can also be countered with medical marijuana.
  5. Asthma: Asthma can lead to chronic inflammation of the lung tissue and can also cause bronchi spasm. Medical marijuana being anti spasmodic can help in getting rid of asthma and the spasm caused by it.
  6. Chronic pain: Chronic pain can be caused by diseases like arthritis, severe cough, cancer and HIV. These kinds of pain can be relieved by medical marijuana because it helps in blocking the pain channels.
  7. Crohn’s disease: This disease causes chronic inflammation of the digestive system. Since cannabis is an anti inflammatory drug, it helps in reducing inflammation and helps in weight gain for patients.
  8. Epilepsy: Epilepsy can affect people because of problems in the brain and is a chronic disease. Marijuana helps in controlling this disease by altering the brain signals.
  9. Glaucoma: Medical marijuana helps in controlling the inflammation and blood pressure in the eye that is caused by glaucoma.
  10. Multiple sclerosis: Multiple sclerosis can be controlled with regular use of medical marijuana because of its effect against chronic inflammation.

Psychiatrists like Dr. Sue Sisley are also of the opinion that because of the beneficial effects of this drug on brain disorders and psychiatric disorders, it can be helpful in Post traumatic stress disorders and her opinion has been proved right with the effective treatment of this condition with the help of medical marijuana. Marijuana also help hepatitis , read more here!

Hepatitis C Treatment Linked To Medical Marijuana

get kush master on-lineMedical marijuana is a very important medicine that is used in the treatment of several chronic diseases. Hepatitis C is one of the chronic diseases where the role of medical marijuana is simply unbelievable. The disease is caused mainly because of a viral infection. It spreads from one person to another due to unprotected sex and also due to hospital based infections. It is also spread because of unprotected needle usage. Hepatitis C is a disease that affects the most important organ in the body. Liver is an organ that does most of the major functions in the human body. It is almost 1.5 kilograms heavy and performs all the synthesis of various chemicals. It helps in identification of toxins and removes unnecessary toxins from the body.

When the liver itself is damaged because of Hepatitis C, the treatment options are very limited. When high doses of any medicine are used, it becomes more toxic for the liver. So, none of the usual medicines can be used for the treatment of this disease. Usage of any medicine could be counterproductive and could even become fatal to the person who is using the medicine.

Medical marijuana boosts liver function:

The only medicine that has positive effects on the liver is medical marijuana. It not only helps in maintaining liver function optimally, but also helps in boosting the liver function. Medical marijuana is a plant based product and does not have any chemicals in it. It is a safe drug that can be used in the treatment of liver complications caused by Hepatitis C.

Symptoms relieved by medical marijuana in Hepatitis C disease

1. Liver cirrhosis: Liver cirrhosis is nothing but bleeding in the liver. When liver cirrhosis occurs, it usually means that the affected person is in end stage liver failure. It can be treated by blood transfusions. Medical marijuana is one medicine that has proved effective in reducing and treating liver cirrhosis.

2. Damage to liver: The damage to the liver is caused by scarring of the liver tissue. This even leads to fibrosis of the liver. When the scarring and fibrosis occurs, it can lead to various complications and other side effects. To prevent this, small doses of medical marijuana is used.

3. Inflammation of liver: Inflammation of the liver is the first symptom caused by Hepatitis C virus. When the liver is inflamed, all its functions are curbed. It also leads to further damage. The inflammation of the liver can be reduced with the use of medical marijuana.